Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays are working days in the pottery studio and visitors are welcome to look around, watch work in progress and request demonstrations of particular techniques.

Most of the domestic ware is thrown on an electrically driven wheel. A foot operated treadle wheel is used for trimming the finished work. For the traditionalists there is also a kick wheel, a Derbyshire mill stone mounted on a bearing.

The large outdoor pots have slab rolled bases and the remainder is coiled. They are made using craft-crank clay which, when fired to 1250°, is particularly good at withstanding wintry conditions.

Most of the work is biscuit fired before glazing. The glazes are all mixed in the studio using recipes that have evolved through a process of trial and error!

The gas fired kiln (12 cubic feet internal capacity) was built by Cromartie Kilns in 1979 for Goldsmiths College, being moved North in 1995.